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Fees for private work

These are the fees you will be asked to pay for work that falls outside of NHS care.  Fees are reviewed regularly and are set in accordance with BMA recommendations and by assessing the estimated time a piece of work will take, along with the potential risk involved.  We reserve the right to adjust the fee payable if a piece of work is in excess of the norm, will take additional time or carries additional risk.

Fees are payable at the time we agree to undertake the work and the work will not be completed until payment has been received.  Payment can be by card or cash at the practice reception desk. BACS details may be provided on request.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to decline any requests for private work if our workload is such that NHS care would be at risk, or we deem the request to be inappropriate or beyond our remit.  If we decline to complete private work, this is non-negotiable but we will endeavour to signpost you to an alternative service to complete your request.

Certificates and FormsWho paysFee
Private prescription  Patient£15
Private sick note  Patient£30
Private referral letter   Free
Private Health Insurer Claim Form  Patient£20
Fitness for school/uni  Parent/Student£30
Letter re fitness eg exercise, gym cancellation etcPatient£40
Supporting letters eg blue badge  Patient£40
Insurance forms eg holiday claims  Patient£60
All other non-NHS letters  Patient£40-£65
Brief summary (medication list and medical conditions) Free

Please note we do not do the following: passport forms/photos, driving license forms/photos, letters for housing or capacity assessments/LPA forms. 

Medical examinations and reportsWho paysFee
Report on a proforma, no examination required eg childminder formsRequestor£90
Written report with detailed review of records and an opinion and statement on the condition of the patient; no examination requiredRequestor£130
Written report as above with physical examinationRequestor£180
DVLA form only; no examination  DVLA£40-60 per form
Taxi/bus/HGV driver medical examination  Patient£160
Taxi/bus/HGV driver supplementary examinationPatient£60
Adoption medical  Patient£90 per person

Please note: we only offer medical reports and examinations for our registered patient population as we feel access to the full medical record is essential. 

Taxi/bus/HGV medicals – patient must see community optician first and bring the forms with the vision page already completed.

Reviewed Sept 22.