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Dr. Alex Tran

We are a progressive doctor's surgery based in Hornchurch, Essex. We offer a traditional general practice with an emphasis on health promotion and personalised health care. Our aim is to work with our patients to achieve optimal health outcomes. We are also a teaching practice and are affiliated to St Barts and the Royal London Medical School.

We are encouraging patients to give their views about how the practice is doing e.g. what we are doing well, what we can do better and how the practice should change for the future. Find out more about our patient views forum. You can find the latest results of our 2013/2014 patient participation survey here.

Recent News & Updates

  • Practice Development
    Our list size continues to grow and we welcome new patients.
  • Recent GMS Contract Changes
    Hornchurch Healthcare has implemented the following changes: 1. Registered patients can now book and amend appointments via our practice website with the Vision online service
    2. Registered patients can also request repeat prescriptions via our website. Subject to development of support systems yet to be commissioned and put in place by NHS England, by 31st March 2015, we plan to be able to offer registered patients the ability to view their summary records on line. This will require NHS England to invest in appropriate software and data governance processes. We are still awaiting further guidance on this matter and will update progress on this website when this is available.
  • Family Planning Services
    Dr Chen has now completed her accreditation for coil insertion. Dr Chen and Dr Qadir both also offer Nexplanon contraception so that our practice can offer you full familiy planning services
  • QoF
    We continue to score highly in the Quality and Outcomes Framework More details about QOF and this year's results can be found on the NHS Information Centre for health and social care website.